182 Reasons I Love you

She told me I needed to pick up a hobby, and while this may not be much of a "hobby", it's something. May 17th, 2014... The date seems so far away, but in 182 days she'll be my wife and these are the moments I will share with her.

Reason #154

Reason #154

Reason #153

Reason #153

Reason #152

With 30 days to go I am more and more excited. I can’t wait to marry you and here are some more of other people words which I can only think of you when reading.

Reason #151

Margarita nights!

This atrium will be witness to the start of our lives together. 1 month to go!

Reason #150

Reservation at The French Laundry! Though this may qualify as a reason you love me…

Reason #149

Your always up for cocktails on the porch….or at least hot chocolate.

Reason #148

Springtime walks around town with you.

Reason #147

Friday night cocktails where we get a little goofy.

Reason #146

As we start to look at houses I can see you day dreaming of outer family down the road.